optoma w

    High contrast Projector suitable for home entertainment. With projection distance just 30 cm. but make picture larger to 100 inch. Projector lamp are long life to 20,000 hrs


     razr w

    Large projector lift. The weight can lift up to 40~100 kgs. The operation is smooth and stable with low noise while conveniet to install


     record w

    Auto switching & recording system. Live stream ming and comfortable for all platform.


     i board w

    Large LED screen display 84 inch. Compact solutions for presentation to the Meeting Room. Support an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)-compliant expansion slot, which future-proofs the display and allows for the seamless integration of a computer.



    ระบบ Home Automation เป็นระบบที่เกิดขึ้นหลายสิบปีแล้ว หากคุณเคยสังเกตุ ระบบไฟฟ้าในห้องพักโรงแรมระดับ4-5 ดาว จะมีแผงควบคุมที่ติดตั้งบริเวณโต๊ะหัวเตียงในห้องนอน เพื่อใช้ควบคุมไฟทั้งห้อง ตั้งแต่ ไฟตรงบริเวณทางเข้าไฟหน้าห้องน้ำ


     screen w

    Viewers will enjoy an amazing theatre like experiencing. The Tension System which ensures the screen is always flat. With the standard easy to use mounting bracket, it is simple to install in various installation environments.


     sound w

    CL speakers are made by plywood with sophisticated CAD computer-aideddesign.The sound performs bright and transparent in High Frequency, round and full in Middle Frequency, deep and powerful in bass. Part of the enclosure is designed with Suspended system, both can horizontally and vertically hanged.



    High-quality level LCD screen panel, with certifications. Ultra narrow design, ultra narrow
    edge, providing the seamless image vision

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Conduct a varied range of visual communications, from meetings and conferences to presentations, with one of these models.

4 Key Qualities Realized by CASIO’s Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source

Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source supporting high-brightness projection without mercuryECOLOGY

Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source supporting high-brightness projection without mercury


CASIO has applied its unique new Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source to achieve breakthrough development of a mercury-free high-brightness projector. Adopting a new semiconductor-based light source system combining a blue laser, phosphor and a red LED, we have achieved both high-brightness performance enabling projection in well-lit rooms and environmental friendliness with mercury eliminated from the light source.

Revolutionary new light source technology

CASIO developed a new semiconductor light source technology combining a red LED, phosphor and a blue laser. This source achieves high luminance safely by employing a phosphor device to modify the wavelengths and phases of blue laser light.

Approximately 20,000-hour long-life light source with less brightness degradationECONOMY

Approximately 20,000-hour long-life light source with less brightness degradation
* Compared with conventional CASIO models,
as of February 2011. Source: CASIO

The light source’s life of approximately 20,000 hours far outshines that of conventional projectors that require mercury lamp replacement. It saves maintenance labor and contributes to a significant reduction in operating costs. Since brightness degradation is more gradual than with mercury lamps, moreover, it maintains vivid image quality through long-term use.

Startup as quick as 5-seconds* Fast ON & OFF switching for convenient usabilityUSABILITY

Projection at maximum brightness is achieved in as few as five seconds, and the time from startup to screen display is shortened dramatically, facilitating more effective use of limited time. No cooling down is necessary, moreover, when the power is turned OFF. Users can complete the process from setting up to packing up smartly and speedily.

* Except XJ-A series

Startup as quick as 5-seconds* Fast ON & OFF switching for convenient usabilityF

Enhanced beauty and realism A further leap forward in
color reproductionVISIBILITY

Enhanced beauty and realism A further leap forward in color reproduction

The dramatic improvement in color purity achieved by the new light source has significantly improved color reproduction. Not only are the colors clearer and more beautiful, but the projected images also look brighter due to the visual effects of the high-purity colors. Users benefit from clearer, more powerful images than conventional projectors can achieve.

Commitment to usability

Concern for today’s high environmental quality standards

CASIO has developed a light source with no mercury lamp to eliminate the release of mercury, a highly toxic element, and adopted energy- and resource-saving designs. Superior environmental performance is also achieved by innovations such as Intelligent Brightness Control, which adjusts the projection brightness automatically depending on the level of illumination in the surrounding environment and contributes to daily power savings.

Vertical positioning expanding the scope of use


The projector’s ability to project images straight up or down facilitates creation of visual presentations with high-impact advertising effects, such as promotions projected onto the floor of a conference hall or presentations using a showroom ceiling.

Internal memory for PC-free presentations

Presentation materials stored in the (2GB) internal memory can be projected without using a PC. Operators can project still or moving images as well as files in PDF (and other) formats without conversion. Operation can be conducted with the bundled remote controller or a smartphone.

Smart wireless presentations (C-Assist)

Wireless communication from a smartphone or tablet with the C-Assist dedicated app installed enables control of projected images, real-time projection of images from a camera, projection of browser pages and remote PC operation. The scope of available presentation styles is broadened dramatically.

♦ Wireless presentation
♦ Wireless camera
♦ Browser projection
♦ Simple PC remote control

Centralized control and remote operation functions

The projector can be controlled from a PC using an RS-232C connection or wired LAN, with centralized control of all terminals on the network enabled. The main projector unit is equipped with a key lock that disables all operations except power ON/OFF to prevent unauthorized use and improper operation.

1 Projector
2 Speaker, blind and others
3 LAN (RJ-45)
4 Control panel
5 And AMX, Extron
6 Software: “RoomView” by Crestron
7 Browser image


1 USB terminal (Micro-B)
2 USB terminal(Type A)*
3 Wired LAN terminal
4 Computer terminal
5 HDMI terminal
6 S-Video input terminal
7 Video input terminal (RCA)
8 Audio input terminals(RCA)
9 Audio output terminal
10 Audio input terminal
11 Control terminal(RS-232C)

* Supported models: XJ-M256/M246/M156/M146

Linkage to CASIO Digital Equipment

Linkage to CASIO Digital Equipment

[Digital cameras]
Project your photos and videos directly.

[Direct projector connection capability]
Graphing Calculator
Connect the calculator to a data projector and project the calculator screen.
For more information, please check here.

* Supported models: XJ-M256/M246/M156/M146

Brightness *1
3000 ANSI lumens
Contrast ratio
1800 : 1
Light source lifetime
20,000 hours
Keystone correction
±30° (auto) ±30° (manual)
Manual focus
Projection lens
1.5X optical zoom lens (manual)
Projection screen size
Projection range
60-inch screen: 2.02m~2.95m
100-inch screen: 3.40m~4.93m, Minimum range: 1.00m
Projection system
DLP® chip × 1, DLP® system
Display element
XGA 0.55-inch DLP® chip
786,432 pixels (1,024 × 768)
Color reproduction
Full color (16.77 million colors)
RGB Display resolution
XGA Real (1,024 × 768)
Compressed: Maximum UXGA (1,600 × 1,200)
RGB Display resolution
WXGA Real (1,280 × 800)
Compressed: Maximum UXGA (1,600 × 1,200)
RGB Output terminal
Digital input Input terminal
HDMI Type A × 1 (480P ~ 1080P)
Video input Signal system
Video input Input terminal
Composite (RCA) terminal × 1, S-Video terminal × 1
Component: Also serves as RGB mini D-Sub 15 pin.
Audio Input/output terminal
RCA × 1 (R/L), Stereo mini-jack × 1
Audio Speaker
5W × 1 monaural
Other terminals USB host
Other terminals USB function
Other terminals Control terminal
RS-232C (mini D-Sub 9 pin) × 1
Other terminals LAN terminal
Internal memory
Wireless compatibility
Power source
AC 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Operating power: 145W (with Eco Mode “Eco 1” selected),
180W (with Eco Mode Off “Bright” selected) /
Standby power consumption: 0.23W*2
External dimensions (W×D×H)
311 × 244 × 84mm (including projections)
Security compatibility
Kensington-compatible, Power-on password
Other functions
DLP® 3D projection*3, Intelligent Brightness Control, Direct power-ON,
Direct power-OFF, Digital zoom (2X), Rear projection, Freeze,
Pointer, Color Mode, Eco Mode, Blank, Ceiling mount*4
Main accessories
Wireless remote control / AC power cord / RGB cable / Setup guide /
Warranty card*5 / Wireless adapter (Provided with USB models only.)

*1 Eco Mode Off “Bright” projection

*2 Except when connected to a network

*3 In the case of 3D projection, the HDMI and component interfaces are not compatible.

*4 Metal ceiling-mount fittings required; installation work charged separately.

*5 User manual available for downloading on Website.




Equipment for viewing projected 3D images

3D Glasses for CASIO projector


2D image to 3D image conversion PC application

CASIO 3D Converter


[OS compatibility]

Windows®7, Windows Vista® SP2, Windows® XP SP3

[Convertible file formats]

•Moving images: MPEG 4/ H.264 / Motion JPEG / WMV
•Still images: JPEG


for Windows

for Mac


Projector Setup Information

Projector Setup Information

Guidance of Wired LAN

GPL / LGPL Applicable Source Code


XJ-M140 / M145 / M150 / M155 / M240 / M245 / M250 / M255 (Serial Number: A9****)

Setup Guide

User's Guide

XJ-M145/M155/M245/M255 USB Function Guide

XJ-M145/M155/M245/M255 Wireless Function Guide

Multi PJ Digital Camera Update Software User's Guide



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